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How Millennials Talk Themselves Out Of Making Money

Posted by Dawn Henderson on

Well, let’s face it. We are the generation that’s making some major changes in the world today. We’re setting new trends, and bringing back old ones. We’re starting to take charge of our health, we’re speaking out and being unapologetically us. The previous generations either hate us or love us. We’re spoiled, entitled and needy if we let them tell it. 

One of the biggest topics of all that we are sparking is the fact that we don’t believe we absolutely need a college education to be successful. Did you know SDO’s CEO (me) is a college dropout? Damn near done with my degree, I dropped out and started SDO and I hasn’t looked back. Yet, at least. 

So many of us are thousands of dollars in debt because we were taught to graduate from high school, go to college and then live our lives  doing our “dream job” until we retire. Times are changing. We are the generation that’s making full time and even six figure incomes from social media alone just because the amount of people who follow us. We have the power of influence! We’re starting businesses, developing technology, standing out and just switching up what the old American Dream consisted of. Our dream is to be self sufficient, paid and self employed because we’re “woke” now. So many of us have these degrees we’re in debt for and we don’t work in our field, school just wasn’t for us (and that’s fine too), or we see that these jobs just aren’t enough. 


How many of us talk ourselves out of being a part of all the self made income sitting on the table? We are our biggest competitors, critics and enemies, here’s how: 

We don’t do it because someone else it doing it. 

Anytime one of us has an idea and we see someone else doing it, we immediately become discouraged and irritated to say the least. We say to social media (or ourselves), “Now everyone wants to do this?”. Stop it. Think outside of the box, or should I say your friends list. With the power of social media you’re able to reach people all over the world with what you have to offer. Narrow down your niche and what makes you stand out from others in your industry and focus on that. As long as you let others doing something stop you, you’ll never start something amazing because you probably aren’t the first and you definitely won’t be the last to do what you’re doing.

We focus on the worst case scenario.

Why do we do this? It’s being afraid of the unknown. When we lack confidence in our talent we leave so much money on the table. Money with your name on it! Focus on the best case scenario and watch it manifest. You are good enough, you are knowledgeable and you’ll be amazing and doing it, whatever “it” is.

We are worried about not having support.

I am tired of seeing the “If I start selling ____ who will support me?”. Who cares if they don’t? Again, don’t limit your business, talents, and knowledge to your friends list or your friends and family. I started SDO without telling my boyfriend and we were under the same roof. My family didn’t purchase from me for months. I knew people doubted me or even probably thought my business would be a phase or something I was just doing to pass time. Hell, I felt that way myself a few times. Look at me now?

Crabs in a bucket mentality.

Nobody wants to admit to this and that’s okay, when we do things because we feel we can do it better than someone else or when we speak negatively about what someone else is doing, we block our own blessings. It’s perfectly fine to be a little frustrated when we see someone else succeeding or starting ventures we “should have” done, but redirect that frustration to yourself because we all have the same resources and 24 hours. When you see someone knocking out goals and leveling up, use that to put fire under your own ass. It’s time to invest in yourself. 


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