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The Guide To Perfect Skin

Posted by Dawn Henderson on


If you’re new to SDO or all-natural skin care, this is for you! 


It can be tricky to know which products to use. Especially if you aren’t fully aware of your skin type and what products work the best for you. A solid skin care regimen is extremely important, even if you have “good skin”. That said, what exactly is “good skin”? 


The first step is knowing your skin type. 


Combination - This is when your t-zone may be oily, but other areas of your face is dry. 


Oily - Oily skin can be shiny with a greasy feel. Oily skin is typically acne/breakout prone. 


Dry - You’ll know if your skin is dry if your skin is tight and flaky. 


Sensitive - If you have sensitive skin, your skin may be super reactive to soaps and certain products. 


Normal - This is what many people consider “good skin”. Your skin is still smooth, even if it may be dry or oily. 


If you’ve narrowed down an idea of what your skin type is, now you need to know what a good skin care routine is for you. 

  • Exfoliate! -- No matter what skin type you have, exfoliating is extremely important. Exfoliating removes dead skin, excess oils and is gets you blood circulating. When choosing exfoliates you want to make sure it’s good for whatever day your skin may be having. You only need to exfoliate two to three times per week. Our Coffee Scrub is a gentle exfoliate that gives your skin a healthy glow. It has organic ingredients such as avocado oil and turmeric that help with breakouts, eczema, psoriasis abs acne.
  • Toner! -- Think of toner as a shampoo and conditioner for skin. It brings your skin back to its natural acidic state by balancing your skins pH and removing impurities. Oily and acne prone skin absolutely need a good all-natural toner. Sweet D Toner is made with rose water, organic apple cider vinegar and alcohol-free witch hazel. Using a toner twice a day will help keep your skin cleansed, balanced and refreshed.
  • Moisturizer! -- Even oily skin needs an all-natural moisturizer. Keyword: ALL-NATURAL. Shea Butter is a great base for a quality moisturizer because it’s one the only raw butters that is non-comedogenic. This means it doesn’t clog your pores when it’s absorbed into your skin. All other ingredients need to be targeted to your skin type. We have three moisturizers that make it easy to know which works for you. The Hydration Cream is for dry skin, Cloud Cream for sensitive, normal and combination skin and the Balance Cream for oily skin.
  • Cleanser -- When choosing a cleanser, the base of the cleanser is key! Our facial washes have a vegan base that doesn’t include any harmful ingredients that make it jelly, or soapy. Those ingredients that give products that consistency only give a cleansing illusion. If you prefer a bar soap as your cleaner, the same rules apply! Tea Tree Charcoal soap has a powerful ingredient that removes dirt, oil and toxins from your skin. 



These are the three must haves for your skin. So before you go buying any other facial products make sure you cover the basics first and choose an exfoliate, toner and a cleanser that targets your specific skin type. 

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