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Vaginal Steaming. What’s The Hype?!

Posted by Dawn Henderson on

Everyone wants to know what the hype is about vaginal steaming. Well, what’s NOT to brag about? For years whenever a woman has a feminine problem we run to to the drug store or to our OB to get pills, creams, wipes, douches, and everything else that makes matters worse. Stop it! It’s unhealthy. 


I personally started steaming because I had cramps that would bring the toughest person to their knees and I would bleed heavier than the Red Sea. I mean, it was horrible. Nothing worked. I had my first menstrual cycle at 10 and I would have to stay home from school the first few days because I would get in trouble. I was almost unbearable to be around. I had tried heating pads, elevating my feet, drinking warm tea, and being active. 


Finally, I had come across another blog about steaming and at that point I would try anything. I went and got the herbs myself and I steamed a few days before my period and guess what? No cramps and a significantly lighter (3 day) flow. I. Was. Shook. From there the minute I launched Sweet D Organics, I knew that I had to help other women out. 


If you suffer from uterine fibroids, cysts, heavy periods, or painful cramps, I definitely suggest you steam! No, it’s a must that you do so. Not only does steaming relieve unbearable cycles, but if you’re someone who gets frequent bacterial and yeast infections then this will help with that as well. 


VSteams are located in the feminine section of our store. They’re a customer favorite and we know once you try them (if you haven’t already) you’ll love them too! 

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