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Welcome to SDO Blog 🌻🍃

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Welcome! I’m Dawn, owner of Sweet D Organics. I’ve created this blog as a guide for my customers. Not only to get to know me, but because I want to share my knowledge of all things holistic and skin care! I receive so many questions about my products, skin types, and spiritual practices, this blog was only right. 


I’m self taught in the skin care industry, so for years I’ve researched & tested different ingredients so that I could make my own products. I never imagined that I’d eventually be creating and selling products to people all over the world! 


I transitioned to a holistic lifestyle in 2014 when my father was diagnosed with cancer and from there I also stepped into the spiritual world and the two came together to be a passion for me. Three years later, I was able to spread my knowledge, energy, passion & love all over through my business unexpectedly. 


I started Sweet D Organics in November of 2017, within 4 months it grew internationally. Now that my first year of business is done, I’m more than ready to knock out 2019 with more knowledge to share and lessons to apply to this new year. I built SDO from the ground up alone. I’ve made mistakes & I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could take in. Building an international six figure company alone as a 25 year old new mother was the furthest thing from easy, but I’ve pushed through and now we’re here and I’m ready to continue to level up! 


I have so many plans and things currently in the works for SDO and this blog is just the beginning! Stay tuned. :) 

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