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Winter Skin Care 101

Posted by Dawn Henderson on

If you live in the Midwest, the last week we have felt the wrath of Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. Temperatures have been painfully cold this week and our skin is suffering too! If you have any dry skin condition, we know your skin is screaming for help. We’re here to help. Here are some tips to keep your skin hydrated during these colder months. 


  1. Drink plenty of water! Of course, we had to put this tip first. You’d be surprised how many people don’t include water in their skin care routine. Your skin is your largest organ, which means when you’re hydrating your body, you’re hydrating your skin as well. When you don’t drink enough water your skin is tight, dry and flaky. That clearly doesn’t help during the winter months. Keep up with your water intake so that you can lay the foundation for smooth, hydrated skin all over! 
  2. When applying your moisturizers, it’s best to do it while your skin is still damp. That’s when they are the most effective as damp skin best absorbs the moisture and locks it in for a longer time. You should always apply moisturizer to clean skin—and for maximum results, shortly after cleansing, before your skin is totally dry.
  3. Take cooler showers and baths versus hot. We know, it’s a bit hard to come to terms with this one. We all love a hot shower, but hot water aggravates dry skin. If you suffer from any dry skin condition, you may even feel a bit of a burning feeling after taking a hot shower. Hot water removes the natural oils from your skin leaving your skin dry and irritated. So try to take cooler showers so that you maintain the moisture in your skin during the colder months. 
  4. Stay away from any product that contains chemicals, lotions and body butters with water, and absolutely no products that contain alcohol! Water & alcohols like ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol denat, methanol and Benzyl Alcohol are used to make creams feel lighter, help other ingredients to penetrate your skin,  and as a preservative. On the surface that all sounds okay, but there is a downside. These alcohols can cause dryness, irritation and breakouts. So we’re firm believers that they don’t have a place in skincare. Many alcohols and chemicals in skincare deteriorate your skin’s protective barrier which means your skin is no longer effective at keeping moisture in. It also stimulates oil production which could lead to breakouts if your skin makes too much oil. So stay away from these and keep your all natural SDO products nearby, as we don’t include any chemicals, alcohols or additives in any of our products because the health of your skin is a priority. 


Overall, we feel your pain when it comes to skin care in the winter. It can almost feel as if you have to switch up your entire skin care routine to keep up with your flawless skin. Well, technically you do! Every season treats your skin different and winter can be brutal. We can almost guarantee that if you follow these tips, the winter won’t be as hard on you! 


Here’s a few of our products that’ll help get you through the remainder of the winter: 


  • Butter Creme Body Butter 
  • Hydration Cream 
  • Coffee Scrub 
  • Shea Lip Moisturizer 
  • Cloud Cream 
  • Green Tea Facial Wash 


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