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Yoni Bar

Yoni Bar

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Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina and, loosely translated, means “sacred space.” Yoni symbolizes the Hindu goddess, Shakti, who is the representation of feminine power.

Because women’s yoni's are exactly that, SACRED, we have to be careful with what comes near them. That includes chemicals, products, people... etc. Believe it or not, our temples carry the energy of everything that it comes in contact with. So along with sex, the underclothes we wear, menstrual cycles, clothes, sweat & more... energy can throw off the pH as well. 

This soothing aloe vera based beauty bar has a blend of fresh chamomile tea, lavender, tea tree oil, witch hazel and more to balance pH, soothe, tone, and cleanse the vaginal area. All of these gentle ingredients work together as an antiseptic to rid of any yeast overgrowth & bad bacteria to prevent and help cure bacteria and yeast infections. There’s many uses to this beauty bar. But these ingredients are crafted and put together just for your Yoni, to make you feel refreshed immediately! 

Other AMAZING uses:

  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Clear & prevent breakouts
  • Clears blemishes on the skin from scars & ingrown hair