Herbal Milk Bath

Herbal Milk Bath

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Here at SDO, we swear by bath soaking. There are many soak formulas that have different therapeutic and healing benefits, but recipe is intended for use heading into your Moon time, to ease the tell-tale cramping and discomfort before your menses. Yes, we said it. This soak will help lessen those painful cramps. 


Along with VSteaming, this something we suggest adding to your self care routine along with your “I’m not fooling with these cramps” routine as well. 


Lavender is soothing, calming, relaxing, eases nervous tension and headaches, lifts moods and promotes sleep. It also eases bloating during your menses. 

Chamomile helps relieve pain and will leave you deeply relaxed, as it helps calm and relieve muscular cramps. 

Rose has some beautiful feminine energy, doesn’t it. We’ve added this because it’s soothing and cooling to inflammed & irritated skin. 

Epsom Salt is also a source of magnesium. Magnesium is critical for healthy hormone function – it is an oestrogen modulator, is vital in the production of progesterone, and blocks androgen receptors. It is commonly deficient in women and is required for over 300 different biochemical reactions in the body.

We’ve also added some essential oils and some moisturizinh organic colloidal oatmeal into this mixture as well. 

You can add this mixture into a muslin bag & drop it into your bath or put the mixture directly into your bath. Soaking for 15 minutes is long enough, as if you soak longer you may draw the good minerals out of your body.