Kiss & Tell Lip Scrub

Kiss & Tell Lip Scrub

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Sweet almond oil, coconut oil and honey work together to moisturize the lips from the inside out while using a natural exfoliate to gently scrub you lips to remove dead skin.


This lip scrub is literally sweet enough to make you want to eat it!


Perfect for the colder months, it will leave your lips smooth and moisturized, a little goes a long way. Use this scrub before applying lipstick for a smoother application or just to get yourself moisturized and going. Apply the scrub, gently exfoliate & then remove with a moist tissue & you'll be good to go!

5ML Jar 

**All items are handmade and made with fresh and organics ingredients. We do not use any chemicals or additives in our products to preserve them because we value the health of your skin. Store in a cool, dry area to get the best use out of all of our amazing products. Appearance of certain products may vary.