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The Yoni Package

The Yoni Package

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What is better than an all natural feminine package that tends to your sensitive Yoni?!

This package includes:

2 V-Steam Herb bags

2 Yoni Bars

Our V-Steam Herbs aide in soothing heavy & painful menses, uterine fibroids, endometrioses, getting rid of odors, bacteria, yeast overgrowth and more! The holistic healing method should be a ritual for all women, especially before and after your monthly menses!

Our popular Yoni Bar is infused with home made chamomile tea, tea tree oil, fenugreek, aloe and witch hazel and the ingredients alone speak for all this amazing bar can do. Rid of bad odor, soothe & prevent bacteria & yeast infections, cleanse yourself daily!

Individually, these items total to $50. Get enough to last you a month for our discounted packaged price.