TurmerGlow Scrub

TurmerGlow Scrub

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The secret ingredient is TURMERIC! 


The world is finally getting hip to turmeric and all of its amazing benefits. If we could describe it in two words it'd be, MIRACLE WORKER. 

If you want naturally glowing skin, reach for turmeric! It has some powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that improves our skin complexion and rejuvenates dull skin. Dark circles and bags under  your eyes will go BYE-BYE as well! 

That's not it! Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and more are no match for our TurmerGlow Scrub either. While these skin conditions will lessen with this amazing scrub, the ingredients will help rid of any scars left from them as well. 

Apply this scrub to a damp face and massage into your skin. Rinse with warm water and GLOW!


Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Raw Honey, Organic Turmeric, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil